Paolo SKE Botta was born in Tradate (VA) in 1979. He starts to study piano since childhood, but quits his music studies in high school, to pursue his

interest in visual arts. One year later he joins a school progressive rock band,and

discovers both Italian Progressive Rock music of the 70s, both the world of

analog/electro-mechanical keyboards, of which he will soon become a lover and a collector. After graduating in Illustration/Animation he started a career as

freelance visual/video artist, and went on to play diagonal music. This will lead

him to join the avant/r.i.o. band Yugen in 2005, with which he released three

studio and one live album, all on AltrOck label. In 2005 and 2009 he took part

of two European tours of the well known North American avant rock band

French TV, guesting on their "FTV#9" and "FTV#10" albums. In 2009 he performed with the historical Canterbury/r.i.o italian band Picchio Dal Pozzo during the AltrOck Festival, performance which will be released on the "A Live" album. In 2011 he released with his own band SKE the acclaimed "1000 Autunni" album, on Fading RecordsIn 2011 he also formed Not a Good Sign, which is probably why you are reading these lines. He keeps up his musical cooperation with

AltrOck/Fading bands, including Garamond, Ciccada, Homunculus Res, Empty Days.

Alessandro Cassani plays bass, double bass, guitar and writes music too.

In 1995 Ale started to study classical guitar in Civic Classical School of Milan

with Roberto DaBarp (Mussida).

In 1998 he understood that the perfect “rhythmolodic” instrument is the bass,

then he started to study bass in C.P.M. with Dino D'autorio and he earned the 3

years school degree in only 2.

Then Ale decided to explore the world of musical improvisation and he started to

study doublebass and jazz music in Civic School of Jazz of Milan under influence of Dennis Irwin, Lucio Terzano, Franco Cerri and Enrico Intra. Ale began to perform with several national and international musicians like Laurence ReveyAntonio Fusco, Walter Calloni, Paolo Milanesi (La Crus), Tiziana Ghiglioni, Daniel Pacitti, Nico Roccamo (Nina Zilli), Marco Brioschi (Fiorella Mannoia), The Monday Orchestra.

He recorded different albums with pop and jazz italian artists like Davide Zilli, Unicamista, Mila, Rumurhang, Jazz Connection, Bruco Gospel Choir. Recently he worked in Paris as music director's assistant in different musicals like “Footloose”, “Hairspray” & “Shrek le musical”.

In 2013 Ale joined the “Not A Good Sign” project.

Martino Malacrida was born on 12 May 1988 in Sondrio. Drummer since

2000, in 2003 he attended the Academy of Modern Music in Milan studying

with Franco Rossi and Giorgio Zanier until he got the diploma.

Later he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston with teachers such as Skip Hadden (Weather Report, Eddie Gomez, Giovanni Hidalgo), Sergio Bellotti and Jon Hazilla.

After he came back from Boston he completed his studies with Paolo Pellegattireceiving a Bachelor of SIB (Italian School of Drums), then with Giuseppe Cacciola (Percussionist of La Scala in Milan) and then with Maxx Furian

He took part to various competitions, always finishing at the top , including the important " Days of Percussion 2008" at the Conservatory GB Pergolesi in Fermo , getting the highest score in his category. In 2007 he collaborated with the magazine "Drum Club" for the styling section. In his artistic career he collaborated, in both live and studio sessions, with many artists.He is member of another Italian prog band and Syndone. 

He performed in various events and festivals in many countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Slovenia. 

He plays in various formations of different musical styles such as Funk, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Gospel, working both live and in the recording studio. He's a co-founder and drums teacher of the Academy of Music Valsassina (AMV).

Since 2011 he became Vic-Firth endorser, and from 2013 also of Ludwig and Paiste.

Gian Marco Trevisan was born in 1979. He began to listen to music maybe a few days later, growing up with Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Grieg, Platters, Jackie Wilson, and Genesis, his first love when he was 6 years old. He begun to play drums but switched to electric guitar at 13, playing metal and prog. He studied at CEMM in Milan, mostly harmony, modern guitar and jazz. He studied with many other teachers in masterclasses and private lessons. As a session Musician played in many band and with many artist, even in tours in theaters and in live gigs in Italy and all over Europe. He is very discreet. He joined Not a Good Sign at the beginning of 2015.