Not a Good Sign is a project by AltrOck and some bands’ members of the label. 

Marcello Marinone, Paolo «Ske» Botta and Francesco Zago, after a successful collaboration in Yugen and Ske, propose a new blend of their musical attitudes. The result is an ominous, fascinating sound melting vintage keyboards, powerful guitars and voice, besides ethereal and autumn nuances, supported by a compelling rhythmic drive. 

In 2011 Botta and Zago began to write the music, and Zago provided the lyrics too. Soon G. Guidi Colombi and Alessio Calandriello, from La Coscienza di Zeno, joined the band. The drummer Martino Malacrida completed the line-up in 2012. 

Their self-titled debut album was released on June the 10th 2013.

In 2013 bass player Alessandro Cassani joined the band and quickly became an important part of the sound of the band.

Between December 2013 and May 2104, Not a Good Sign played on several occasions promoting their first album and obtaining a good feedback from audience and critics alike.

They released their second album "From a Distance" on 29th February 2015 and after a pesonnel change (Trevisan sobstituted Zago), the band is promoting it live.

In their music many of you will recognize the Old Prog School from the 70s, but in a modern key, with a pinch of hard-rock and psych. Resonant vocal melodies and lyrics complete the gloomy but colourful imagery of the band. 



Paolo «Ske» Botta, keyboards 
Alessio Calandriello, vocals 
Alessandro Cassani, bass 
Martino Malacrida, drums 
GianMarco Trevisan, guitars 

Not a Good Sign とはAltrOckレーベルと所属アーティストによるプロジェクトです。


マルチェロ・マリノーネ(Marcello Marinone), パオロ <Ske> ボッタ(Paolo «Ske» Botta)とフランチェスコ・ツァーゴ(Francesco Zago)はYugenSkeでのコラボレーション後に新しい音楽性を追求すべく、このプロジェクトを始動しました。



2011年にボッタとツァーゴが曲を書き始め、作詞はツァーゴが担当。この2人に、La Coscienza di Zenoからガブリエレ・グイディ・コロンビとアレッシオ・カランドリエッロが参加しました。ドラマーのマルティーノ・マラクリーダが参加し、ラインアップは2012年に完成しました。




パオロ <Ske> ボッタ(Paolo «Ske» Botta)keyboards

アレッシオ・カランドリエッロ(Alessio Calandriello)vocals

レッサンドロカッサーニ(Alessandro Cassani) bass

マルティーノ・マラクリーダ(Martino Malacrida) drums

ギャーンマルコツレビーサン(GianMarco Trevisan) guitars


Kindly translated by Yoshilko PK


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